why this blog?

small batch baking and crunchy chip ideas for the weight conscious ~~
 keeping the joie in joie de vivre...
 one bite at at time ;)
i have had some recent success with loosing weight and as a result
 i have some recipes and ideas to share for anyone interested --

 also noteworthy are my particular health challenges -- 
low thyroid, rheumatoid, fibromyalgia, ibs and i'm 62 --

 in june of 2013 i was 207 pounds --
 my high bmi is 167 pounds -- 
and i'm 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 pounds away from that right now -- 
so i'm overweight but no longer obese --

 to be petite is not my goal -- 
increased health is my goal and these recipes are helping to get me there --

with chronic pain, eating for me becomes an immediate feel good experience 
every bite "feels good" like magic ;) of course this has to stay reigned in 
but without a loss of joie de vivre --

of course i am following a good basic diet of salads, lots of colorful vegetables and good proteins --
then about once a week
these special recipes target my two other eating must haves: 
crunchy and sweet --

plus a few other gems thrown in for good measure--
this is my recipe collection --