ridiculous chocolate pecan cookies and almond coconut cookies

these cookies are dangerously close to busting the diet-- live on the edge but don't eat too many!

g's african sweet potato peanut butter soup

this soup is so unique, so incredibly good and inexpensive--i keep it stocked in the freezer most of the time--thank you, grace, for this recipe

skinny GF un-muffin

the key to success is to slice the single serve muffin like a baby pumpernickel bread!

lime curd cheesecake cupcakes

lime curd cheesecake cupcakes

almost too good to be true...

why this blog?

small batch baking and crunchy chip ideas for the weight conscious ~~
 keeping the joie in joie de vivre...
 one bite at at time ;)

kale chips

 ~~kale chips~~
for the win!

i could crunch these daily and not interfere with my weight loss--important: they are fragile--i plate them, spoon the dip on, then fold or top with another chip--

peanut butter cookies--flour free

simple and delicious

flour free brownies

the cocoa cleverly becomes 'the flour' in this recipe--

apple salad

i this apple salad i have it several times a week


an incredibly versatile treat --make a snack of chips & dip, make a nacho meal with all the fixin's

fast food

i'm not talking micky d's here -- i'm talking when i need a meal fast without busting my diet -- for me half the battle is having a plan--

stevia and me-via ;)

i use stevia in my morning coffee and i bake with truvia -- some of the stevia products that i have tried taste outstandingly remarkably horridly disgusting--

diet tips that work for me

n.b in a week's time for most of these recipes i would make one sweet and one crunchy unless noted otherwise...maybe two sweet ones ;)

chocolate cups

my husband goes nuts for this--it's awesome and easy if you have a coupla ramekins or can fashion some--

spinach made easy

in about 30 minutes i can store an entire bag/bunch of spinach in a 4 ounce canning jar, that's approximately 2 x 2 inches