diet tips that work for me

n.b in a week's time for most of these recipes i would make one sweet and one crunchy unless noted otherwise...maybe two sweet ones ;)

preface this list with what i do eat is a typical responsible diet -- greens based salads, mayo based egg or tuna or chicken salad, proteins including sausage sometimes, veggies, eggs, cheese, butter & yogurt, some fruit -- no brainer type foods for health -- all the dairy might be unusual but i'm loosing so it's working--so it's not exactly low calorie or low fat but it's especially devoid of more than 99% white sugar and 98% wheat flour.

1.) especially when i began my diet i kept my sugar calories under 100 a day --got the idea from author jorge cruze when he was on tv promoting his book "The 100"--he said to multiply the carb count of sugary items by 4 to get the sugar calories--typically i had fruit like either 1/2 cup blueberries or an apple, or a third or half a banana--

2.) i weigh myself all day long--i love to do this and i've learned a lot--i can tell when i'm going to drop a pound and what went right to get there--i can accurately predict my weight fluctuation throughout the day--and i'm not discouraged when it goes up and down--that's normal--a scale that registers half pounds is good a scale that registers tenths of a pound is even better.

3.) not eating the exact same meals and foods over and over--changing it up while staying within my food boundaries helps me loose weight because i don't really know why but it does for me--

4.) these recipes put a safe hedge between me and foods that disagree with me (aka make me gain)--because i am not triggering my body to 'store' fat--for example sometimes i'll have one of these recipes for a meal--and still i am loosing weight --insert big fat grin smilie face--but still these recipes are the exception foods--not the all day every day foods--

5.) being careful to eat some kind of good protein with my last meal of the day--my body needs the protein to burn off the fat overnight-even a tablespoon of peanut butter or a small handful of nuts--

6.) water water water water water water water water, etc.--a nice glassful with every meal and one to begin & end the day -- my wise daughter reminds me to drink half my body weight in ounces daily (wonder if diet coke counts--hahaha!) w.a.t.e.r.  thank you, grace--

7.) sleep well and exercise of course --even something as simple as changing my pillow and dancing in the kitchen or the car to the radio/pandora--keep myself pointed in the direction of good health as much as possible.

8.) i got a dog to require me go outside and walk--the cat did not catch on to leash training ;)

9.) i found my 'full' gauge again--instead of punctuating my day with snacks and eating regardless of the need to eat --i began being aware of 'being full' and responding. i literally had to tell myself "you're not hungry" until it sunk in. score!

10.) using a vinegar based dressing in a salad several times a week is important for me --

11.) i go off & on with my green tea drinking spurts--green tea is so good for added weight loss boost and for so many many various great healthy results--i think in conclusion it might help bring about world peace if we drink enough-- i don't know-- should drink more though -- will try it with stevia & see how it goes--

12.) tbc...