chocolate cups

my husband goes nuts for this--it's awesome and easy if you have a coupla ramekins or can fashion some--

this recipe is a take off on a wonderful recipe by one of my favorite foodies on tv--i'm not trying to get hits on my blog by mentioning her, her prairie lifestyle or the exact name of the baked dish that she says is like warm fudge--i'm just trying to stay on my diet and help you if you want a guilt free goodie ;) -- and this is not a copyright thing either--no worries--

chocolate cups

makes two servings

1 egg well beaten (100-200 whisks)
1/4 c truvia (1/2 cup of other sweetener)
3 tablespoons of cocoa powder
1 rounded tablespoon flour (i use coconut flour)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 stick of butter, melted, cooled (4 tablespoons)

combine everything and mix well

divide into two ramekins* 

this bakes in a water bath so boil some water
place ramekins in the dry pan
place all that into the oven but hanging off the rack a bit
pour the hot water in the pan halfway up the sides of the batter
carefully push the pan into the 425 degree oven

set the timer for 8 minutes

eat warm

so good

*i used two 8 oz. home canning jars and just a random oval cake pan
just find something that can go into the oven that has a small footprint