spinach made easy

in about 30 minutes i can store an entire bag/bunch of spinach in a 4 ounce canning jar, that's approximately 2 x 2 inches

i cook all the spinach down and down and down removing as much water as possible--

i use non-stick but otherwise maybe put a bit of oil or oil spray in the bottom of the pan first using medium heat--not too high--don't want to burn but just want to cook out the moisture--

mash the cooked down spinach with the spatula--there's lots of water in there--then near the ends put in some salted, minced garlic -- it will cook quickly--

remove from heat--chop it so it portions out cleanly

then i store it the fridge and dollop it out in my scrambled eggs or omelette, as well as gluten light pizza and pasta, etc.

the entire bag of cooked down spinach handily fits into a 4 ounce canning jar the ones that are approximately 2 x 2 inches --

it increases the shelf life of the spinach and economizes your time too--enjoy it for days longer than the fresh spinach will last--

my son taught me this one--thank you, jonathan