stevia and me-via ;)

i use stevia in my morning coffee and i bake with truvia -- some of the stevia products that i have tried taste outstandingly remarkably horridly disgusting--

i'm just saying don't stay deterred by this ;) march it back to the store like i did for a refund--and try another one--stevia is an acquired taste as they say--i had to work at 'acquiring'  ;)

the truvia baking product packaged in the green & white bag with the clever little green cap says it contains sugar but apparently it is of enough 'different' composition that it is not impacting my ability to loose weight-- and while not a perfect sweetener, and not without it's own side effects and issues it is helping me have treats and supply good* replacements for how i would normally eat--how i like to eat--

*good as in --doesn't make me start gaining weight or craving sweets and in fact i can still drop pounds while 'indulging' in a lovely satisfying treat from time to time

i'm a happy escapee from food lockdown ;)--i've escaped the sugar cell block where i'm obese and can't fit through the cell door and the other where i'm locked in the food dungeon far away from crunchy chips and baked goods--vital facets of a free and happy food life pour moi--

because of the science behind sugar consumption and how our bodies store or burn fat to me is like a train that goes one way or the other but not both on a daily basis-- i know that for me switching and using stevia and truvia products enables me to avoid white sugar--sugar now tastes way too sweet--

i am using the brand "sweet leaf" stevia--it's a very fine white powder in a small plastic jar that sweetens my coffee now that my taste buds have adjusted--

...and before long i will be testing some recipes using ground raisins and other dried fruits for sweeteners--has to be used carefully so the train doesn't hit the turnaround!