an incredibly versatile treat --make a snack of chips & dip, make a nacho meal with all the fixin's

ole for ole corn tostadas!
the store bought tostadas are sandwiched between the two bags of cheese
they come out of the bag all crispy--$2.39 for about 30 in the bag
only 80 calories each--no sugar

sprinkle some cheese and a little seasoning salt...

30 seconds in the micro

fabulous treat
for me it's a little too easy to overeat these oops so...

these are soft corn torillas but small like the tostadas
about 5.5 inches in diameter

there's less than 1/4" oil in an 8" skillet 
the biggest trick is to get the oil hot enough
when it's not hot enough the oil soaks in
when the oil is hot enough they just crisp up
and come out practically dry
so the idea is to test it by frying small pieces cut off one tortilla
until you get the exact feel for it
the first few will sizzle but get soaked
then eventually it will come out of the oil dry
bingo--perfect temp
fry for less than a minute each side

cut them into chips with a pizza cutter after frying
i think it's easier to handle this way 
sprinkle with salt while hot 

dip into guacamole or cheese dip
these are a real treat
since there's a little more preparation involved
it's easier to portion control
but these are 40 calories each before  frying
just a great snack or pig out meal for me

~~~~~ ~~~an even easier way~~~ ~~~~~

microwave the tortilla for one minute

brush each side with oil 

sprinkle with salt 

broil for about 2.5 minutes per side

super super good