pre-diet days--pictures of strudel being made

fun pictorial--making 'magic'

the usual suspects for apple strudel including bread crumbs and cherry preserves 

tying a sheet* to the four corners of the table
*only ever used for strudel

all tied up 

sprinkling flour into the sheet

after literally 'slamming' the dough during the kneading process
 a hot bowl is place over it to warm it  

starting the roll out

beginning the stretch 

more stretch 

even more stretch

cutting the thick band from the outer edge 

removing the thick band of dough 

this is about 5 ounces that is too tough to use and is discarded 

you can literally read the newspaper through the paper thin dough 


while the dough 'dries' you quickly grate the apples 

sprinkling with  bread crumbs, nuts, cinnamon

spreading apples, raisins and cherry preserves

untying for the big roll up 





rolled away 


ready for the oven 

little powdered sugar action 


perfect for holiday eating and gifting