kale chips updated 12/15/13

 ~~kale chips~~
for the win!

does not interfere with my weight loss--important: crispy but fragile--i plate them, spoon the dip on, then fold or top with another chip--

my husband, my dog and... my cat love these
i recommend gathering up:

  • 1 bunch kale (the organic makes a better chip)
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 10-15 shakes of seasoned salt
  • 5-10 shakes of garlic powder
  • a big deep bowl or pot
  • vinegar
  • 2 parchment lined cookie sheets or foil oven liners
  • paper towels for drying the kale
cleaning the kale
  1. put a capful of vinegar in the bowl and fill with cold water
  2. stir the whole bunch of kale into the vinegar water as if it were a spoon to loosen any grit in all that ruffly-ness
  3. submerge kale --place a glass or something on it to hold it down for a few minutes
  4. remove and shake out as much water as possible from the kale
  5. make a giant sandwich of kale and paper towels starting and ending with a paper towel-- i like the the pick-a-size paper towels 
  6. paper towel, kale, paper towel, kale, paper towel, repeat with the whole bunch
  7. place that into a bag (like the krinkly kind from the store) 
  8. holding the bag shut shake the bag up and down and from side to side in order to shake as much water as possible into the towels
  9. be sure to note the gunk and sand in the bottom of the bowl before you wash it for the next step
  10. at this point you can store the kale in the fridge for several days until it is needed

making the chips

  1. put oil, seasoned salt, garlic into the cleaned big deep bowl or pot--
  2. add washed & dried & de-stemmed kale--
  3. gently rubbing the seasoned oil all up into it over and over till coated
  4. arrange in one layer on baking sheets--not crowded
  5. it needs to be one layer--it does shrink as it bakes--might have to do a couple oven loads
  6. as i arrange the chips is when i tear the kale into the chip sizes because at the same time--
  7. i can make sure the oil is covering all sides as i tear into chip size pieces--
  8. bake at 400 for 3 minutes turn down to 325 for 5-6 minuters (all ovens are different)--
  9. it just needs to be all dried out & crunchy when you take it out of the oven--
  10. don't worry if it browns but i am able to keep mine pretty green & ruffley now
i  save the parchment lined pans to re-use from batch to batch--
 i make this about twice a week--
consider getting some dedicated disposable aluminum pans for this going forward--
i haven't tried it but aluminum 'oven liners' is where i'd start--
i find it amazing that the chips stay crisp from day to day--
i just leave mine sitting out on the pans

so wash & get it as dry as possible by
layering each stalk between paper towels
placing in a bag and shaking it to dry it off

i fold each one in half and remove the stalk with a rolling type pizza cutter--easy peasy--
then plop them in the deep bowl of oil and seasonings

and this is a shot of my beautiful oven loaded with lovely kale chips

kale chips with melty cheese dip from the store spooned on

or finely grated pepper jack cheese

melted in the microwave for 15 seconds
wow what a treat

serving suggestion

mine don't work in the traditional way of digging into the dip bowl and loading up the chip--
i arrange them in one layer on a plate and drop the dip on top--
it's a little messy but it's chips & dip!

  • sprinkle grated cheese on & microwave the plateful till the cheese melts about 15 seconds
  • spoon on the store bought white mexican cheese dips
  • spoon on sour cream & minced onion
  • spoon on homemade onion dip
  • use a ketschup bottle or piping bag to apply the dips
  • lemon pepper seasoning is also great--the sky's the limit--
  • taco seasoning 
  • popcorn cheese salt
  • keep the toothbrush handy!

it's also said that these impart all the goodness of kale but don't let that
 'being good for you' thing  interfere with the guilty pleasure factor of 
pigging out on crunchy chips!

 and it's common to wonder if we have spinach clinging 
to our gums after we eat it, right? 
well you won't have to wonder with kale chips--
only smile at peeps you want to shock
 on the way to your toothbrush